Mel Kimura Bucholtz

Stillness Becoming Alive

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“Traveler, there is no path, the path is made by walking” - A. Machado

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I have been an Ericksonian therapist and trainer for more than thirty years and am the founder of the Tuning Effect™ Method.

My work is to restore our physical ability to cherish wonder and use it to purposefully define our lives.

What I’m here calling wonder is what Erickson called therapeutic trance. It is a learning state. When a person’s best therapeutic trance/learning state is evoked, their healthy frame of mind, this state can be applied to rapidly resolving personal issues in a positive way.

The focus of my work is to restore a person’s healthy frame of mind to the front of their attention so that their vitality can be used to overcome problems and limitations in their current life situations.

The ultimate goal of my work is to awaken those moments that took place in our youth, moments when we were positively stunned, surprised in wonder. These were instances when the world was seen through our “sweet spot” way of attention.

I believe that our true identities, awakened in those moments, can be reactivated and put to use now.


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