Mel Kimura Bucholtz

Stillness Becoming Alive

Counseling and Therapy

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The objective of therapy from an Ericksonian perspective is the following:

  • As a client what would you like to come away having successfully accomplished learning?
  • In addition, how do you see yourself living what you learned in your daily life?

These two objectives focus therapeutic outcomes from the beginning.

It presumes clients know where they would like to wind up and how they would like to be living. From this perspective it's assumed clients have a picture of a functional life beyond the resolution of their problems alone. This simple shift in focus changes the paradigm from examining the pathology that led up to the present moment and sets the objective in the context of a successful outcome.
This shift in paradigm seems simple but comes from Erickson's own years of handicapped hardships and chooses the shortest path to a successful life beyond resolving problems for their own sake.
Similarly the focus of my therapy is on restoring the vitality of each person's aliveness as soon as possible first. From this perspective clients have the self-respect, the energy and the optimism to drive their therapeutic  learnings.

Hypnosis is used as a way to suspend the ordinary conscious mind from running the show while letting it "step back" to observe from its unconscious counterpart new skills and  abilities to live life better.

What we call stillness is the condition, or the atmosphere, of hypnotically observing. When individuals hypnotically observe themselves the emotional, intellectual sensory elements of their identities surface. Once this happens in a safe therapeutic setting their conscious minds can capture the fundamental characteristics of their true identities.

Doing this is to help individuals to bring their unconscious identity onto the surface of their conscious lives in a cooperative, productive, way.

I currently work with individuals out of my Boulder, Colorado office and via video-skype nationally and internationally.

Please contact me for personal consultation.

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