Mel Kimura Bucholtz

Stillness Becoming Alive

Feeling Recognized

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Dr. Erickson’s Approach  Engaging Client’s Unconscious Identity


woman in mirror

"There are as yet no scientific measurements

of the kindly word, the challenging note,

the whispered doubt, the anguished gasp,

the threatening tone, the mocking noise,

the contented murmur, the encouraging sound,

the expectant silence. Upon such forces as these

can rest the success or failure of psychotherapy."

M. H. Erickson, MD.,

"The Importance of Current Realities in Psychotherapy."

The objectives of this workshop are

  • how to read the body as personal presence,
  • how to develop language skills to describe and meet clients personal presence, and
  • how to evoke client’s hypnotic state for therapeutic learning and personal growth.

Particpants will learn

  • to read their clients physical signs reflecting clients’ emotional and sensory life history, those creating their client’s immediate presence
  • to develop linguistic and vocal skills necessary for engaging their client’s presence
  • to develop appropriate dialogue skills to evoke clients’ natural hypnotic learning state
  • to restore clients’ positive self-attitude for resolving issues and successfully achieving new goals.

From the Ericksonian perspective engaging clients by learning how to do the above allows therapists to evoke their client’s natural hypnotic learning state. This allows clients to feel recognized from the first moment of their therapeutic experience.

As Erickson did, workshop participants are asked to recall

  • those physical, personal or intellectual limitations/advantages that spurred them to develop their own best skills by their own efforts and
  • moments of stunned fascination in their childhoods, those which evoked their natural hypnotic learning states, moments that ignited their life-long passions and pursuits and
  • their own “family trance”, the one which created the lens through which they saw and felt themselves connected with others. (This can include models outside their family of origin as they grew and matured).

This training workshop begins with learning how to recognize, and address, their client’s physical conditions as the living presence of their client’s lives, and then, as Erickson did, to learn how to use language, and that manner of connecting with clients that evokes and utilizes clients’ own best ways of hypnotic learning.

Date/Time: to be announced

For further information please contact us.

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