Mel Kimura Bucholtz

Stillness Becoming Alive

The Sweet Spot Learning State

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In this workshop participants will learn:

  • How to identify and use their own Sweet Spot way of attention
  • How to hold onto their own Sweet Spot Attention the moment they recognize it
  • How to apply their Sweet Spot attention in their practice with clients
  • How to teach clients to do the same for themselves

The Sweet Spot method draws on

  • The Ericksonian hypnotic induction/utilization method
  • The unconscious “poetic” manner the hypnotic mind uses to engage the conscious mind
  • Wondrous and innovative moments in the lives of great artists, scientists, and performers as models

The Sweet Spot on a tennis racket delivers the best return shot with the least amount of effort. It’s the result of the unique synchronicity of the athlete’s position, the tennis racket, the ball and the moment, which produces the startling, outstanding, result. Similar outstanding ’’Eureka!” moments of Sweet Spot performance in scientific, artistic or other performanace draw on our best, natural, manner of witnessing the world and ourselves.

This workshop shifts paradigms from helping clients develop skills to cope with problems to helping clients realize their best abilities to resolve problems so they can re-orient themselves to their ability to feel and perform best.

By activating their Sweet Spot attention, clients move beyond coping to an exciting new way of functioning, one which they invent for themselves, through their experience of engaged wonderment.

Working with terminally ill patients in a Boston hospital, the common story I heard was of people’s highly charged childhood moments of nostalgic wonder; their desire to recapture the beauty and the passion of those moments. These Sweet Spot moments of attention came richly alive again as their lives were closing.

Every human being possesses a unique Sweet Spot in the range of their attention span. When Sigmund Freud witnessed the neurologist Charcot’s inducing trance as a demonstration of healing for a woman, this moment inspired Freud to develop his free association technique, which he later used to develop psychoanalysis. The moment Freud realized that what he saw bridged several ideas he’d been working on, was an occasion of his Sweet Spot attention suddenly coming alive, pulling this ideas together in his sudden moment of illuminating insight.

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