Mel Kimura Bucholtz

Stillness Becoming Alive

The Tuning Effect™ Workshop

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Trainers: Mel S. Kimura Bucholtz, MA and Bonnie Cochran, LCSW


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This training introducesThe Tuning Effect™, an extraordinary new self-awareness technique that relieves individuals from emotionally charged issues while restoring their best feelings to the front of their attention within minutes.

Participants will also be introduced to The Sweet Spot of Attention™, what Einstein called the mental state of “impassioned curiosity”, positive life moments that took their breath away with wonder. Participants will learn to interview these moments for their best purpose, identity, and expression in their lives.

Based on observations of brain learning skills from laboratory brain research studies, long-term meditation practices, and high performance athletic training skills, participants learn to

  • naturally sustain their Alpha brain wave state
  • rapidly reconnect this unique mental state with bodily sensations and
  • apply this learning state to rapidly dissipate emotionally charged issues

In this training participants will

  • experience three sessions of The Tuning Effect™
  • safely stabilize their attention in bodily sensations
  • access their Alpha state mindset
  • objectively view charged situations apart from themselves
  • restore their best sense of themselves to the front of their attention and
  • integrate The Tuning Effect™ into their therapeutic practices
  • experience one session of The Sweet Spot of Attention™

Once accessing their Alpha state, the technique engages the brain’s natural ability to physically balance, and applies this skill to charged issues. The Tuning Effect™ is especially useful with individuals undergoing chronic, or urgent, stress, or who have been traumatized in their past.

The Tuning Effect™ produces a profound feeling of stillness and stability in the mind and body resulting from their brain's activity coordinated with their senses. Individuals are then able to consciously identify, and sustain, this feeling. With little repeated practice, individuals can reactivate this effect voluntarily when needed.

The Tuning Effect™ was used successfully with over five hundred participants at the Guggenheim Museum’s Stillspotting exhibit in June 2011, and featured on MSNBC and other major news media for rapidly relieving stress in mind and body.


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