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Stillness Becoming Alive

What is the Tuning Effect?

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The Tuning Effect™ is a self-awareness training program that

  • teaches the brain how to separate itself from emotionally charged issues by
  • focusing attention on physical sensations in the body.

It is neither a deflection, nor a distraction, from the important issues in emotionally charged situations.

The Tuning Effect™ produces a profound feeling of stillness and stability in the body and mind when our brain activity is coordinated with our senses. Our bodies and minds are then in sync with each other and, most importantly, we can consciously identify this feeling.

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Once learned, and recognized, like balancing on a bicycle, the effect becomes repeatable.

Like any meditation method, the Tuning practice is a physical exercise for the brain.

By slowing down our brain wave activity a calming effect happens. This feeling is the first phase of the sleep cycle we go through at night but the trick here is learning to stay awake. This is the challenge every meditator faces.

By learning how to do two forms of attention at the same time, in a state of calmness, an overall feeling of security and stability naturally takes place in us. This practice allows us to come up with creative solutions to charged issues in our lives.

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