Mel Kimura Bucholtz

Stillness Becoming Alive

Ericksonian Hypnosis

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During this workshop we will learn Erickson’s naturalistic techniques to

  • capture those physical and emotional cues that evoke our best therapeutic trance/ learning state
  • learn to empathically listen for, and skillfully use, those vocal mannerisms and gestures that engage individuals’ curiously entranced state of mind
  • learn how to create and use non-manipulative, empathetic strategies, those that honor each person's unique hypnotic learning style and
  • create learning tasks for new ways to act authentically from our truest selves with confidence and integrity, making the ordinary astonishing and the astonishing ordinary.

Waking and sleeping are certain kinds of attention. Between these two exists our hypnotic form of attention, an attention which meets the world by fascination, surprised wonderment and entrancing curiosity. These make up the character of our most intimate learning moments.

Neuroscientists tell us that our waking attention, Beta brain wave frequency, rapidly takes in /gives out information and that our sleeping attention, Alpha-Theta brain wave frequency, is inwardly focused and is dreamlike, and that our hypnotic attention is a mix of Beta and Alpha frequencies. James Braid coined the term “hypnosis”, which comes from the Greek word for “sleep”, writing that hypnotism was a state of physical relaxation induced by mental concentration. Each of the three states possesses its own unique way of concentrating and understanding the world. Through special moments of hypnotic learning attention, we connect to the world through our deepest selves, thereby bonding uniquely with the life around us.

Through hypnotic connection with the world in these moments of attention, Dr. Milton Erickson developed his remarkable hypnotic techniques for therapeutic change and the discovery of one’s true passion in life.

Drawing on Erickson’s pioneering work, we will learn new ways to use our own hypnotic learning state to resolve personal issues, to discover our true life purpose and direction, and how to bring that purpose into daily practice.

Date/Time: to be announced

For further information please contact us.

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